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The buttons above link to  the Champion or future Boys standing at stud at Grandriver Kennels. All boys of qualified age, have their hips and elbows OVC or OFA clearances and eyes cleared annually by CERF/ACVO.

We have successful experience with the shipment of fresh chilled semen, and have the canine coolers for rental and the semen extenders on premises. We do require advance notice for fresh chilled semen as proper planning and contingency steps need to be in place.

We have very good experience in breeding multiple bitches at the same time to the same male, using semen extenders and AI technology.

Stud service is available to approved bitches only. We guarantee a minimum of two live puppies at birth.


 home  ¦  boys  ¦  girls  ¦  puppies  ¦  older dogs  ¦  rainbow bridge  ¦  boarding   contact